We offer a yearly maintenance service on all bocce surfaces.

Any wash outs or leveling can be adjusted to improve play.

Har-Tru tennis court surfacing has become the most popular bocce surface in the east due to its quick draining ,easy to maintain , and excellent bocce ball reaction. The material is mined in Virginia so the cost is also very reasonable.

Har-Tru needs a yearly tune up especially after winter freeze. Larger particles will rise to the surface resulting in slow roll and a sandy like top. This leads many to think they need a new surface. With the proper tools and techniques the surface will stay perfect for years to come. We will supply you with the material or have our experts clean up your court restoring play.

If the court has some low areas, the fix is simple. Spread some Har-Tru in low areas and level with lute or backside of drag broom sprinkle with water. Let is set for a few minutes then broom again. Sometimes depending on the repair, we will carefully broom dry material before adding water, this gives an instantly smooth finish.

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Clean up extra material along edging with flat shovel being careful not to dig into the surface.

The bocce court can be rolled with a 1000lb roller to obtain the perfect firmness. These rollers are not cost feasible for the average homeowner or even a club with multiple courts but a smaller hand roller can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowe's and filled with water to obtain similar results. We have found good compaction at the beginning of the season during our seasonal service will leave the court in great shape.

Artificial turf needs maintenance also. Many people assume the surface is totally maintenance-free. If you take care of the surface it will last much longer. All types of turf will greatly benefit from mechanical brooming. This will help clean fibers of dirt, mold, moss, debris and distribute infill sand. It will also stand up the fibers for better play.

Most important is a 7' drag broom for clay surfaces. After every couple of games the court should be broomed this will fill divots and dents , distributes particles , evens out surface, prevent weeds, give the court a groomed finish.

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A 30" lute can be used for larger divots and foot disturbances. Scratch around area with the rake side and use the flat side to smooth it out. Finish with the broom.