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Artificial Turf

 It can be installed over crushed rock or concrete. Maintenance is recommended to maintain consistent play. Adding sand is necessary to get the speed and bounce. We install with drain tiles under turf to keep court playing perfect and dry.

Stone Dust

A stone dust surface is the most economical and is generally softer and indents more easily. You do not have the feel of a properly maintained clay court. These courts need time to dry and more time is needed as the court ages. Generally only require a light raking, occasional rolling and watering.

Playability is slow and can be unpredictable.


Har-Tru performs better then clay and also dries much faster. The surface plays fast and true and has excellent speed/bounce numbers. When properly maintained it will last decades. Har-Tru is known to get better with age . Har-Tru is actually not clay at all but a combination of different stone gradations that keep it compacted yet allowing water to pass through, this is why the surface drains so well and is known by its other name "Fast- Dry" This surface is available in Red or Green. Very reasonably priced and perfect for the game of bocce.