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Har-Tru bocce courts

A stone dust court was growing weeds and playing very slow. We restored the edging, upgraded the surface to Har-Tru and added a scoreboard. Adding many years to the life of the court and stay in the communities budget, everyone is happy and the court plays beautiful.

Stone dust bocce court

These are just a few examples of bocce courts that were given up on and we were able to restore them. That doesn't mean all courts are repairable, some are built wrong and without care, they have to be completely torn out. Since very few businesses built bocce courts for a living, let us come to you with expert advice to get the community playing again.

A bocce court with a concrete base and poorly built edging caused mold to build up on the edges. We installed new 6x6 edging with drainage, cleaned and brushed the surface to regain a new appearance and playability, saving clients money.


Replace bocce edging

Old stonedust bocce court converted to Har-Surface with full drainage

We will come to your site and assess your bocce court. Many bocce courts that are not playing well, have poor drainage, and low-quality surfaces can be upgraded to save money and regain professional play. Give us a call or fill out an estimate request form so we can help refurbish your bocce court. We have saved many associations' budgets by upgrading their courts instead of total reconstruction

One of the most common issues we see is courts not draining properly. With drains installed and surface leveled this court becomes a professional level court.

Flooded Bocce court